BERKIM CLARKE is the co-ordinator for Intercross Youth Ministry. The Lord spoke to a few of His people who shared the passion of the Lord leading Berkim into the Youth Ministry and at that time, he was not ready and didn’t know the path ahead of him. In 2010 the Lord planted the seed of overseeing and leading the youths in Intercross Church and directing them according to His will. Ever since, he has just obeyed and followed the instructions of the Holy Spirit with the ministry of the youth/young adults. 

Now, the simple seed has turned out to be a burning passion in him to see the youths led in the paths of the Lord and help them find their personal calling with the Lord Jesus.


The youths meet every fortnight in church, spending time in sharing the Word of God with revelation from the Holy Spirit. They talk about the challenges and hardships they face in the society for standing up for the Name of the Lord. They also have debates on current issues which are clarified from the Word of God and also discuss the pressures and challenges that they face in the world. They spend some enormous time bonding with each other and worshiping the Lord in all that they do. 

The youths organise entire Sunday morning service once every three months. So, if you’re looking to be a part of our youths, you are most welcome.