OUR beliefs

Our Declaration of Faith

INTERCROSS CHURCH believes the whole Bible to be entirely and equally inspired and
that it is the inscribed Word of God. We have accepted the following Declaration of our Faith
as the standard and official expression of our doctrine.


As Christians, one of the deepest desires each of us has is to have fellowship with others of like faith. This is especially true of new Christians who seek to discover more about God and their new spiritual life. Such fellowship can be found through belonging to a local Church, building new friendships and being an active member in this unique community called

"The body of Christ".

Church membership means mutual benefits and responsibilities for both the Church and the member. To be a committed member of this local Church "Intercross", it is important for you to know what we believe so that you can be secure in your faith and comfortable with teachings that we hold to be Biblical truth.





444, South Gippsland Highway

(Corner of Abbotts Road)

Dandenong South, 3175 VIC (Google Maps)

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