Adrian D'Monte
Ruth D'Monte

Pastor Adrian D’monte comes from a nominal Christian home. In 1993, at the age of 18, he started seeking for the truth and meaning in life. That’s when he came into the reality of the living God and understood the transcendent being who became flesh (JESUS CHRIST). This became more and more clear to him as he started to read and study the Bible.

From 1995, Pastor Adrian started to reach out to people and share his experience and knowledge with them. In 1998, he had the vision of sharing the Gospel and talking to individuals who were interested in knowing the answers to existential struggles in life. He was then led by the Lord to go to the villages around Chennai (Madras) and share the truth of this God Incarnate who became flesh.


Many churches in India began to invite him to preach and teach God’s Word. In 2005, he migrated to Melbourne, Australia. He served in an independent house fellowship for 12 years, preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Pastor Adrian graduated in Commerce and then went on to do his Master’s in Social Work specialising in Psychiatry and worked in that field as Counsellor, Welfare Officer and Field Officer in India. After migrating to Australia, he has completed his graduation in Applied Sciences in Disability in RMIT, Melbourne. 

Pastor Ruth D’monte comes from a Hindu family in Chennai, India. At the age of 10, she was introduced to Christian faith by her cousin who was also from a Hindu family and accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Ruth studied in a Christian school and her class teacher gifted her a Bible. As she gradually started reading it, she began to see the truth in the person of Jesus Christ as the lord and Saviour of mankind. She made her commitment to Jesus.

When she became a young adult, she started seeking to go to a Spirit filled church to fellowship and be baptised in water. She started growing strongly in the Lord by reading the Bible and books written by powerful men and women of God, listening to sermons and fellowshipping in church.

She has a passion to serve God. She loves to worship God and is a part of the Intercross worship team, leading worship regularly.


Pastor Ruth D’monte graduated in Microbiology and pursued post-graduation in the same field and in Hospital management.

Pastor Adrian and Ruth got married in 2011 and are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Lydia and Esther. They served the Lord together in an independent house fellowship after which the Lord brought them to Intercross Church, where Pastor Laurie and Kaye Bull (founders of Intercross) were the Senior Pastors at that time. Pastor Laurie and Kaye saw the calling of the Lord upon their lives and were led strongly to pass on the baton of senior leadership to them.