Emmanuel Radhakrishnan
Oral McDonald

The scriptures use the word “Deacon” – meaning minister or servant to the people of God. 1Timothy 3:8-13 shows us the qualities of Church Leader. They were the People full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom (Acts 6:1-6).

Their responsibilities include handling the practical concerns of the church from organising & supervising regular church service to supporting the general functioning of the individual ministries of the church. 

The Church Leaders work with the Senior Pastors and Elders to encourage the church and run with the vision that the Lord has given Intercross.

We felt led by the Lord to appoint Emmanuel Radhakrishnan and Oral McDonald to be the leaders of Intercross. Our leaders are full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom to do the will of God in this Church. They share the Word of God with passion, diligence and enthusiasm to encourage, admonish and build the body of Christ in the ways of the Lord. 



444, South Gippsland Highway

(Corner of Abbotts Road)

Dandenong South, 3175 VIC (Google Maps)

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