Laurie Bull
Kaye Bull

Intercross Christian Centre began with a very clear call from God to Pastors Laurie and Kaye Bull, and was confirmed by many miraculous answers to prayers. Pastors Laurie and Kaye Bull are married with two sons and a daughter and many grandchildren. Intercross has been a multi-ethnic Church in a multi-ethnic community in Noble Park at that time, hence the name "Intercross" Christian Centre.


The Church is unique in its ability to cross boundaries and care and reach diverse people for the Lord. Pastors Laurie and Kaye were obedient to God’s calling and served as Senior Pastors of Intercross for 16 years. They have known Pastor Adrian since 2009 where he served as youth Pastor for some time.


In 2017, Pastors Laurie appointed Adrian as a trainee Pastor. In 2018 Pastors Laurie and Kaye felt strongly led to pass on the senior leadership role to Pastors Adrian and Ruth.


Pastor Laurie and Kaye are currently residing in Queensland.