John Clarkson

“There were elders appointed in the early churches (Acts.14:23).

They were to be over-seers and problem solvers with Godly wisdom (Acts.15:2). They’re responsible for ministering the Word in guiding, admonishing and exhorting the local body of Christ. They attend to counselling and pastoral care needs of the church. They watch out for the church in humility and for the spiritual life of the flock. (Acts 6: 2-4; James 5:14; 1 Peter 5:1-4; Hebrew 13:17).”

Pastor and Elders work together as they share similar roles and responsibilities in serving the local body of Christ.

Elder John Clarkson has been with Intercross Church from the time the church began. He has been a very valuable member of Intercross. He has been through various seasons of the church but has always supported the ministries and the people with a prophetic edge and a sensitive heart. John preaches the Word of God with passion and zeal to the body of Christ. People find him as great strength and inspiration in challenging times.

Intercross is blessed to have him to serve as an Elder alongside Senior Pastors, in the growth and well-being of the church.