Sandy Carter pioneered an orphanage in the mountain village of Jinotega. She now oversees more than 40 children in that orphanage, mostly adolescent girls and young boys. Since 1988 Sandy has also opened another two orphanages, one for adolescent boys and one for infants. The infant orphanage houses over 20 infants who have been abandoned or orphaned at birth. The property also houses an agricultural project which helps support the orphanages and feeding programs
In 2007, the ministry changed its name to Globe International Nicaragua. This legalization with the Nicaraguan government has given the minsitry the credentials needed to receive new babies, which they now do on a regular basis.
The Globe Nicaragua Ministry's emphasis is to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to Nicaragua's impoverished and orphaned children, so they will make a difference for Christ in their country.

We are very pleased to be able to help support Sandy's ministry and we know it will bless those children who are in so much need of Jesus.
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